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Top 5 Poses for Holiday Stress Relief

Are you tired and stressed from all the extra energy you gave to preparing for the holidays? Recharge your body and mind with this short yoga sequence.

  1. Viparit Karani or Legs up the Wall Pose

Begin by sitting down sideways against the wall. Lie back as you swing your legs up the wall. You want your hips and legs to be as close to the wall as you can get. You can add props like a sandbag over the feet for grounding, or even a strap around the ankles. A blanket over the hips and a sandbag over the eyes will help relax your nervous system and ground your energy. Breathe here for a couple of minutes.

You’ve probably been standing on your feet all day, and your lower back and neck are sore. Reversing the gravity will rejuvenate the legs, while lying on the flat surface will support your lower back. Inverting will also calm your nervous system and lower your blood pressure.


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